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Our goal

What we do

Our mission is to foster transparency, trust, and informed decision-making within the gold investment community by providing an open review platform where any type of precious metals dealer, whether for buying or selling, can be reviewed.

From gold dealers, IRA companies, jewelers, pawn shops, jewelry buyers, gold mines, to jewelry stores, Goldiew strives to create a space where users can openly share their experiences and opinions.

By encompassing a wide range of precious metals dealers for both buying and selling purposes, we aim to provide a comprehensive and inclusive platform that empowers individuals to make well-informed decisions about their gold investments.

Facilitate Honest and User-Driven Reviews

We aim to create a space where users can openly share their experiences and opinions about gold dealers they have interacted with. By allowing individuals to review gold dealers based on their personal experiences, we promote transparency and accountability in the industry.

Promote Consumer Protection

Goldiew is committed to advocating for consumer protection in the gold investment industry. We strive to create awareness about potential scams, fraudulent activities, or misleading practices that individuals should be cautious about. By sharing information and experiences, we aim to protect users from unscrupulous entities.

Drive Quality Improvement in the Gold Industry

By providing constructive feedback and insights through user reviews, Goldiew encourages gold dealers to enhance their services and customer experiences. We believe that through this feedback loop, we can contribute to the continuous improvement and professionalism of the gold industry as a whole.

Foster Industry Accountability and Fair Practices

Goldiew is dedicated to promoting industry accountability and fair practices among gold dealers. Through our platform, we encourage gold dealers to maintain high standards of professionalism, transparency, and ethical conduct. By highlighting reputable dealers and exposing any potential issues or concerns raised by users, we aim to foster a fair and trustworthy marketplace for gold investments.

Provide a Reliable Resource for Decision-Making

Goldiew strives to be a trusted resource for individuals seeking information and feedback about gold dealers. By aggregating user reviews, we offer a comprehensive and unbiased overview of gold dealers' performance, allowing users to make informed choices based on the collective experiences of our community.

Bridge the Gap Between Users and Gold Dealers

Goldiew aims to bridge the gap between users and gold dealers by facilitating constructive communication and feedback. We encourage precious metals dealers to actively engage with our platform and respond to user reviews, addressing any concerns or questions raised. By fostering open dialogue, we strive to foster positive relationships and improve the overall customer experience between users and gold dealers.

Most Recent Reviews

Selling my jewelry

January 24, 2024

I received great service and a high price for my unwanted jewelry. I was a pleasure doing business with cashforgoldanddiamonds

Avatar for M S

Expensive coins but worth it

December 21, 2023

I feel I paid a bit too much for the coins I bought but they were really friendly and helpful.

Avatar for A D

The Best Auction House

October 7, 2023

Elite has the best Auction house around. There lots are easy to read, their payment option is easy and they ship fast. When I buy something (which is often) it gets to my door in 3 days. Elite is my favorite Auction House!

Avatar for K K

Don’t sell your gold here

September 23, 2023

Payout percentage of melt changed without notice overnight. Scale only weighs to the gram. Had more 14 k in with the 10 k than 10k along with some 12k in there too.? Offered me $80 for what a melt value of $118 closer to 60% than 75 in the end, I only wish I had watched him closer the day before

Avatar for D

J. Austin & company

September 23, 2023

Thank you to the Ladies for their knowledge and patient. Very helpful, and payed top price for my coins! Five stars all the way!

Avatar for K C

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Although we are currently in the early stages and do not have reviews yet, we are committed to gathering and displaying user-generated reviews to help you identify the best dealers in the country. We will feature here the top 10 dealers in each category, as determined by the valuable feedback and experiences shared by our community.

Stay tuned as we grow and expand our database of reviews to provide you with the most comprehensive and trustworthy resource for gold dealer evaluations.